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The Mr. Thank You Project


A journey to elevate the level of gratitude on the planet… one card at a time!

The key to retention issues gratitude

Companies always focus on their overhead, their sales strategies, and their numbers on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. And company after company see falling numbers regardless of the vigil they keep on those factors.

It’s as if providing a stellar product at a phenomenal price is just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

After a social experiment spanning a whole year of writing thank you notes every single day, John Israel realized that, in business and in life, people want a purpose. Gratitude clarifies and provides it and with dedicated effort, creates loyalty that ensures a firm relationship.

In business, that means solving this retention problem.

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From Thank You to Mr. Thank You

Read into John’s journey as he explores the impact of gratitude, respect and appreciation on personal and professional success. What started as a decision to create and honor corporate values, turned in to a project that inspired the world. His experience in sending thank you cards is at once wholesome and enlightening. It becomes a positive, impactful strategy as you realize the return on investment that builds from it.

Making a team member or client feel appreciated has them returning that appreciation in kind. They develop a bond beyond their monetary needs whether it be with your product or your management.

And with the lessons and objectives tackled in John’s book, you can develop these bonds too and see just how connection becomes retention in the digital age of marketing.

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Key Takeaways from the Book

Build Positive Habits

Discover how to create high-quality habits that will serve you for the long-term.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to authentically express yourself and honor the emotions of others.

Create Engaging Relationships

Improve your relationship skills as you transform and build communities.

“This is one of my favorite reads of the year so far, make sure not to miss some of the incredible 'thank you' stories ... Short inspiring read, that you can finish on a plane flight and hop off feeling inspired and better about life. Bottom line is we need more John's in the world, must read!”

Brad Johnson

“Page turner!!! Wow! I thought I was great at expressing gratitude and appreciation- but this book was FULL of ways to appreciate I never thought to be mindful of before. It has challenged me to raise my standards and broaden my 'horizontal thinking' in ways of showing appreciation.”

Leanne Storm

“I bought the book, because I heard about the project and thought it would be a nice read. It surprised me how relevant and useful the book is, and I highly recommend the book. Tip: I first bought it as an e-book, loved it so much I bought a hardcopy.”

Mirjah B.

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About John Israel & Media Appearances


John Israel is founder and Chief Gratitude officer of Mr. Thank You, a consulting firm focused on client and employee retention.

His book The Mr. Thank You Project and his public speaking has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, Good Morning America, and his clients include global brands such as: Square, ReMax, Fairway Mortgage, Salesforce, and many others.

Contact him today to schedule an interview.

Join the 30-day Thank You Challenge!

Start seeing the power of a simple “Thank You” in your own life with the 30-day challenge.

It’s easy: simply commit to sending a handwritten thank you note every day for 30 days (it’ll take you 5 minutes or less!) and watch the magic begin.

We’ll help you with tips along the way. Take the challenge and see how far a little gratitude can go.