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Mr. Thank You Update

By June 25, 2021No Comments

Hey there John, John Israel here (aka Mr. Thank You)

*Side note: A friend made a joke about, “When your Instagram handle becomes your real name.” Lol. True story here.

I’m sending you this email as a quick update with myself and what’s happening/changing with Mr. Thank You.

Personal update: we just had our 4th child (Trinity Grace Israel) 3 months ago. Next week I’ll share the full crazy story! But for now, we’ll just say life is “filled with Joy…and change” at the Israel household. We now have a six-year-old, four-year-old, 1.5 year old and newborn. Hence why you haven’t gotten an update in a little while:)

Mr. Thank You update: You may know that the Mr. Thank You Project was birthed out of my strategic gifting company named Mr. Thank You. As the owner and founder, I decided to embody our mission statement of “elevating the level of gratitude on the planet ” by committing to hand-write 5 Thank You cards every day for 365 days in a row. But what’s happened since then?

The project transformed my life from being an overwhelmed-top producer who sacrificed relationships for results -INTO- a joy-filled high performer surrounded by deep-meaningful-loyal connections. After the TEDx Talk and book release, I soon learned that my problem was not limited to John Israel.

It turns out that disconnection and overwhelm are huge issues that cause high-performing teams to lose great clients and valued team members EVERY SINGLE DAY. And this is an expensive problem.Several communities and companies started reaching out to have me teach this concept that we now “Becoming Irreplaceable- How to build a business your clients don’t want to live without” to their teams and business partners.

The other day, I was shocked and honored to be speaking over zoom with 150 business partners of a major mortgage company and then receiving a speaking request for an international non-profit with over 4000 people attending (all virtual, of course).I had to pinch myself because… I’m just a normal small business owner who wanted to bring a little more happiness and gratitude to his overwhelmed and underappreciated life.

Now, all I want is to give those same tools and lessons to the world.While we still run our gifting company, we now do:-Keynote speaking and training-Business/Referral partner “value add” events-Business coaching and ConsultingGratefully, as our business has expanded, I just added two fantastic team members who have been taking work off my plate so I can focus on what matters most:-Being a present and engaged husband and father -Speaking, training, and teaching (primarily virtual but face to face is coming back)-Serving YOU (my loyal friends, fans, and readers).

The way I’ll be doing this is through my new weekly email updates filled with incites, ideas, and stories specifically designed to add value to your life and business.

Yep, once per week, you can expect to hear from your good old friend John Israel, simply trying to help you experience the greatness that God put us on this green earth to experience.I’ll also be launching our podcast in the next few months. We’ve already interviewed some remarkable professionals and influencers, so keep an eye out for that.

If you’d prefer not to get those updates, I will NOT be offended at all if you want to unsubscribe. The nature of a relationship is “mutual choice,” and I respect if you want to unsubscribe because I only want to communicate with you if that’s what you would like as well.

If you do want to continue building a relationship together, and learn unique and powerful ways to better your relationships, experience more joy and fulfillment, grow your business or be more impactful in your organization, church, community…then make sure you add, (940) 441-7612 (that’s our office line) to your contacts, so you see my emails when they come through 🙂

I’m impressed you made it to the end of this email. Since you’re here…and it’s just us now…go ahead and send me a quick update on you.I look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,

John Israel AKA Mr. Thank You

P.S. You may have seen that we updated to become my personal website/blog and have moved our gratitude tracking website to:

You still have full access to your gratitude portal, where you can track your handwritten Thank You card journey. Enjoy!

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