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The Marketplace is Changing

Digital automation is optimizing the business playing field. Technology is essential because it helps us accumulate data to achieve strategic initiatives, sales goals, and remain competitive. But if our approach to business is all by the numbers—we are in for an expensive ride.

If we are driving results through incentives, discounting products, or beating customers over the head with offers… we are on a race to the bottom where everyone loses.

At this point you are at high risk of being “replaceable.” This means burn out, disengagement, attrition… and not just our customers, but our teams. And all of this only to start the cycle again with a new staff, a new expensive marketing campaign, and new prospects. Rinse and repeat. Can you see why client and employee attrition could be costing you and your organization huge amounts of revenue every year?

So how do you break the cycle?

By taking a step back and practicing the Art of Appreciative Leadership.

As founder of Mr. Thank You, John Israel has discovered how learning to honor the whole human experience can create sustainable results that you and your organization can be proud of. Let him show you how.

The Art of Appreciative Leadership

is an exploration of the whole human experience applied to business. Beyond being a valued team member or a paying customer, we are people FIRST. We are someone’s husband, wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, grandparent, neighbor, baseball coach, cancer survivor… and so much more.

By teaching the his proprietary VOW framework of human connection (Values, Outcomes, Weakness), John shows leaders and high performers how to understand people at a deeper level so we can serve them better.

With this information you can turn every “touch point” with a prospect, customer, or colleague into a “trust point.” Trust builds relationships, relationships turn into sales, sales take your business to the next level.

This is where the Art of Appreciative Leadership shines. By using this 3-step framework, you open a door to relationships and results that go far beyond anything an automated, impersonal process can ever achieve.

As Mr. Thank You himself, John Israel teaches how individuals and organizations can implement the Art of Appreciation and become irreplaceable—even in today’s shifting marketplace.

The Art of Appreciative Leadership Empowers You To…

Increase Connection

Align your clients’ and colleagues’ goals with your own to cultivate relationships that solve problems.

Increase Loyalty

Foster feelings of gratitude within everyone you work with to create a unique culture that leads to retention.

Increase Profit

Watch your positive relationships generate real-world value and lead to repeat business.

Client Testimonials

“The age in which we live in where technology is the easy way out, going back to something like this means so much more.”

Andrea RobinsonFox News

“His message was so important and on point. Our agents loved it.”

Terese BrittinghamKeller Williams Limerick PA Operating Principal

“What I loved about John’s. message is it connected with everyone at varying age & experience levels. The whole organization loved it!”

Mike GroffCEO, Wallick & Volk Morgtage Corp

How to Work with Mr. Thank You


Wow your audience with one of John's custom live or virtual keynotes. His experience in sales and human connection provide impactful lessons at any event...


Discover how to improve ROI and build lasting relationships through consistent appreciation. John's book details how a simple social experiment turned him into Mr. Thank You—and the lessons that came along the way...

Meet John Israel

John Israel, aka “Mr. Thank You,” leads both individuals and companies to become irreplaceable by teaching how the Art of Appreciation can help them create thriving, profitable relationships inside and outside of their organizations.

He’s seen first-hand the impact of just one person focusing on connection and relationships. From individuals to an entire audience, John teaches how gratitude, respect, and appreciation can create lifelong advocates who will go to bat for an organization’s success.

His achievements—and the lessons you can learn from them—have been featured on ABC, Fox News, and Good Morning America, and he’s served huge clients like Square, ReMax, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, and many others.

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